About the rules and regulations of the pre-defense see the Rules and Regulations of TDT 17.§ (5) (Hungarian - link)

Organizing pre-defenses during the epidemiological emergency

The Doctoral School of Informatics authorizes the conduct of preliminary defenses due to the epidemiological emergency until revoked, as described below.

  • The Preliminary Defense Committee must be composed of members appointed as before, in accordance with the relevant section of the Doctoral Regulations.
  • A preliminary defense shall continue to be valid if at least the President and the inner reviewer are present. If the external reviewer is not present, the candidate must respond in written form to the opinion and the reviewer must declare in writing that the answers are acceptable. (This can also be done in other cases as an option and also applies to the inner reviewer to speed up the procedure.)
  • Instead of a personal appearance, any member of the committee is allowed to be online on a platform approved by the chairman of the committee.
  • As far as possible, during the pre.defense at least one member member of the committee or the secretary of the pre-defense has to be in the same room as the candidate physically.
  • If the previous point cannot be satisfied due to some security restrictions, the head of the Doctoral School and the chairman of the preliminary discussion committee may exceptionally allow the candidate to appear in the discussion only online.
  • The record of the preliminary discussion will be drawn up as before. If one or more members of the committee or the candidate himself / herself is present at the discussion in online form, it is advised to make a video recording of the discussion in good quality, in which the online participants can be clearly identified. The video must be attached to the record. The fact of the recording must be communicated to all participants in the discussion.
  • The record must be sent to all participants in the debate who have been participated only online form (including the candidate), certified by the President on each page. After studying it, these participants declare in writing the adequacy of the record and send their declaration to the secretary of the Doctoral School both electronically and on paper.
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