Defense Procedure

Documents of the PhD defense/graduation procedure

All templates for the required documents are available at the page of the Doctoral Council 
see: Documents required for the PhD candidacy and for PhD graduation process (ENGLISH)


Mandatory parts of the dissertation:

Uploading the dissertation and the theses to DEA repository: link

    An advised roadmap for students planning to defend before the end of the 4th year

    7th semeter 2nd month: Fiding the members of the pre-defense (chair, outer referee, inner referee)
         Finalizing the PhD dissertation and theses (After this version the student plans only minor changes in the text based on the oopinions of the referees)

    7th semester 3rd month: Accepting the members of the pre-defense (program leader, head of the school, - via e-mail),
          invitation of the referees, sending the text to them
          the secretary sends the text to plagiarism check, and send the result to thee referees

    7th semester 4th month: The referees send their opinions, the student may send his/her replies
         organizing and taking the pre-defense

    7th semester 5th month: finding members of the defense procedure (the chair and the referees may be that same as for the pre-defense, the members are to be accepted by the program leader and the head of the school. Needed to be given in paper and also in editable .docx form.)
         The TTDT council accepts the members

    8th semester 1st month: Finding a time and place for the defense
         Sending the dissertation and the theses to the members

    8th semester 2nd month: signing the last research worksubject by the supervisor, getting the absolutorium

    8th semester 3-4th month: Taking the defense

    The above roadmap has some buffer time in order to have the possibility to handle issues arising during the procedure. 

    Students may get one more year extension to have the defense, but their studentship ends at the end of the 4th year, meaning that they cannot get a student visa. 


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