For reviewers and extrenal members

PhD students will present their progress three times during their studies before a committee of external reviewers and/or members.

These are the complex exam, the preliminary defense (pre-defense) and the public defense.

Information about the complex exam

The members of the committee for the complex examination are proposed by the Doctoral School to the Doctoral Council for Science and Informatics (TDT) on the preliminary proposal of the candidate and the supervisor. The members of the committee are proposed informally by the Secretary of the Doctoral School and formally by the Secretary of the TDT.

Detailed information on the complex examination is available in § 13 of the TDT Doctoral Regulations (link). The complex examination subjects are available on the school website (link).

More information on the school level regulation of the complex examination is available in the School's Regulations, § 2 (6) (link).

Information on the preliminary defense

The thesis, which has been judged final by the PhD students, must be presented by the candidate in a preliminary discussion before the public debate. The preliminary discussion is dealt with in § 17 (5) and (6) of the TDT Doctoral Regulations (link).

Also § 17 deals with the formal requirements of the essay.

The scientific work required of the candidate is specified in § 15 of the Rules. This is set out in more detail on pages 11-12 of the Doctoral School's Regulations (link).

It is the responsibility of the student and his/her supervisor to organise the preliminary discussion and to keep the programme leader and the DI leader informed. Formal invitations to the debate will be made on request, otherwise the DI secretary will liaise with the referees and members (if any) by e-mail. The travel expenses of the external referee will be paid by the DI. Details of this will be provided to the external assessor when the preliminary discussion is organised.

Information on the public defense

Students who have passed the preliminary examination are eligible to sit the doctoral examination. The examination is governed by § 18 of the TDT regulations. (link), still taking into account the previous paragraphs referred to in the preliminary debate. The referees participating in the defence may be the same as those invited to the preliminary debate. 

Members are invited to participate in the public debate committee by the TDT Secretary. It is the student's responsibility to arrange the date.


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